Aashiqui- when it comes to love , life is a bitch

Aashiqui 2 !!
last day last show :P
Loved the movie <3
But there was one thing that made me unstable -
I was not expecting , but right from the beginning,  i wished the revival of that poor fellow . That would have  been a happy ending , a soothing love story but they made it a pain inflactor .
It was like -  ye to galat hai , life should have given him one more chance for his good deeds , for his love , for all the pains and humiliations he incurred while making her NOT RAHUL JAYKAR . he loved her even after his death , but she realised it only when rahul's friend told her what his death was meant for  .what a dude he was ! such a mature lover . are not you  reminded of   'P.S. I LOVE YOU ' ? Amazing guy , i wish i could be him ..... :)
Though i understand his stand for that heinous decision of suicide , but it WAS heinous . Though it was out of sheer love , but there could have been the other ways too . yes, she was right . it was cowardice . But she was right for you , me and the rest of the world. you could have  sense that she was not right , if you were rahul jaykar . if you were rahul , you could tell that it was not cowardice , it was love .Atleast for him ,  it was love only  . even she accepted that , rahul was not a coward when she realised what he did to her . how much he loved her , how smilingly he said her good bye - aarohi !! ......kuch nahi , bas yu hi :-)
remember the last  scene , where she sings in the stadium and gets reminded of him . that is her realisation of his love for her .
But still , was the death only solution ? did he see that heinous act to be a  homage to the thing called LOVE ? may be he did ....
May be that was the only solution for him . only solution to get out of the pain he was inflicted upon by the life and the guilt feeling he was living with .
 That was really painful and i am afraid now , that if not given another chance by life how many rahul jaykar we will see . ' usse latt or mohabbat dono thi , but aisa kyu hua ki wo latt mei to ji paya par mohabbat mei mar gaya ?? ' jindagi ne kuch aisa kyu nahi kiya  ki wo apni mohabbat ke sahare ji leta .life was such a bitch to her . But then again , it comes to my mind that aakhir jindagi karti bhi to  kya ? kya karti us bewade aashiq ka jo khud ko jala raha tha ( us se itni mohabbat karke) , or use jala raha tha ( use itni mohabbat karke ) .... :)

i know , what you are thinking :)

you want me to say , that  he should have refrained from drinking . I know , agar wo pina chhod deta to sab kuch thik ho jata hai . every thing would have been perfect . But my dear ,  its not about life ; neither about survival nor about being gentle , nor about loving someone ,its about the extremity , where life accepts you . where life accepts you the way you are . where your LIFE loves you . Its very rare that you love someone and your life loves you for loving someone :-)

When it comes to love , life has always been a bitch  and he was just another victim .

so , the question is do you still think , love is life ?
I do . life is all about feelings and emotions . its about pain and happiness .
And there is nothing that can give you as much pain and happiness as love gives you .
so whether life plays bitch when it comes to love , still life is all about love only .

# happy living for deadly loving (aashiqui ) .