A step ahead on girls ;)

New post - Its aWsOmE !!

Moving on with girls and  their basic instincts , here are few more : 

*Natural inclination : A girl's pic. is always inclined at a small angle with the horizontal. Oops i got technical or in simple punjabi its     called "dhaunn beengi" a simple pic. is as rare as a hit film by Ram Gopal Verma. 

*Attitude : They do possess a general attitude of i-want-to-share-my-problem-with-u but i just want you to calmly,attentively as   a student listen to me. Although they expect you to solve them but would behave as they just want to you listen there heart     out. 

*Late lateef : Even when they know there is  a problem, still they are Always late to  start a conversation. 

*Tone: They have inborn instinct of saying something in MOTHERLY  TONE especially when they are tensed and that too in           vain ;) 

*Trust winning : You take a long time to win their confidence as Jodha-akbar among films is known for its length. Its as hard to     understand it too;) 

* Cuteness : May be have excess of cuteness hidden in them that anything and everything silly,unusual appears cute to them. I    don't know how they classify it :D 

* Friends : They like their friends so much that their favourite dialogue is : i like you as a friend. Seriously they are affable :D 

*Likings : They love compliments, babies, flowers and to be treated like celebrities. One does not do so has no chance :D 

* They have their own ways and personality and its getting lengthy now. I should end or impatient people reading it will be              bored:p 

                                                             by- Geetesh Makkar 

मैं और मेरी तन्हाई

 Its aWsOmE !!

मैं  और  मेरी  तन्हाई ,
अक्सर  ये  बातें  किया  करते  हैं |
क्या  होती  ज़िन्दगी  अगर  ये  होता ,
क्या  होता  अगर  वो  होता
बीत गयी  कितनी  रैना  इसी  कशमकश  में ,
ये  होता , वो  होता तो क्या  होता |

मैं  और  मेरी  तन्हाई ,
अक्सर  ये  बातें  किया  करते  हैं |
जो  न  होते  कुछ  लोग ,
तोह  आज  यू  महरूम  न  होते
जो  न  होता  तू  ऐ  खुद ,
तोह  कब  के  टूट  गये  होते  हम |

मैं  और  मेरी  तन्हाई ,
अक्सर  ये  बातें  किया  करते  हैं |
कुछ  सपने  संजोये  है ,
हों  वो  गर  पूरे  तोह  क्या  बात  होगी ,
यू  होगा  तोह  क्या  होगा !

मैं  और  मेरी  तन्हाई ,
अक्सर  ये   बातें  किया करते  है |
इस  अकेलेपन  ने  भी  सिखाया  हमें ,
की  इस  अस्थायी  दुनिया  में  कुछ  स्थायी  नहीं |

हाँ  मैं  और  मेरी  तन्हाई,
 अक्सर  ये  बातें  किया  करते  हैं |
कोई  अपना  है  तोह वोह  सिर्फ  हम  खुद  हैं !
लोग  आते  है , चले  जाते  है
कुछ  मुस्कान  तोह  कुछ  आंसू  दे  जाते  हैं
और  हम  रह   जाते  हैं !

  मैं  और  मेरी  तन्हाई ,
 अक्सर  ये  बातें  किया  करते  हैं|
  <ग़ज़ल >   -मृदुल मक्कर 

कर दे समर्पित एक हाँ मेरे लिए

चाहता  हूँ मैं  कि यूँ  कुछ , लिख  सकूँ  तेरे  लिए  

शायद  दिल   से   कह   सकूँ , दो   लफ्ज़   प्रिय  तेरे  लिए

क्या  कहूँ   क्या  ना  कहूँ , है  ये  बड़ी  ही  कशमकश 

बस  जानता  हूँ   मैं  यही  कि  यह  हृदय   तेरे  लिए |


कुछ  टीस  सी  बाकी  है   दिल  में , है   हृदय  में  वेदना 

यदि  पा  सका  तुझको  तो  फिर , उस  टीस  से  कोई  खेद  ना 

है  नहीं  कुछ  भी  मुनासिब , दे  सकूँ हो  बे -फिकर 

लाया  हूँ  फिर  भी  सुगन्धित -पुष्प  कुछ   तेरे  लिए |

 आहट है  दिल  में  संग ,हजारों  ख्वाहिशें ऐसी 

वक़्त  बेवक्त  मिल  जाओ ,तुमसे  गुजारिशें  ऐसी 

अपना  ये  जीवन  समर्पित  कर  रहा  हूँ  मैं  तुझे 

तू  भी  अब  कर  दे  समर्पित  एक  हाँ  मेरे  लिए |

                                                                           - नवीन कुमार सोलंकी 

Girls : An observative research (iv)

Well there is no end to the 'Girly Traits' like there's no end to Sky. Few more are enlisted below : -

*Excited species : They are ever excited to know about someone something by hook or crook. Even though they hide interest in it commonly. Reflects impatience and anxiousness !! 

 * Suspense queens : They love to create a lot of hype and suspense while they are talking . May be to acquire attention and interest from d listener(s). But hate the situation when same is done with them. 

 * Outcome Of Suspenses: Teasing girls on a surprise or starting a talk then suddenly ending it without opening the suspense gives people immense pleasure specially when they are able to irritate them and get weird expressions. 

 * Time Pass : playing with their hair is their favourite time pass mostly. Although its 'Almost war' if some one else does it !

* Academic Results : the way they describe their exam appearence is so scary that they will fail everywhere but when results are out they are reasonably joyful to check them and actually act shockd "haawww ye kaise ho gya?? 90% aa gye, hain to kamm hi waise" ;) as if the examiner checked their papers after getting a bribe or their appearances were marked :D

* A big salute for the fact how some of them handle cheap flirters with courage and cleverness which is although rare in other events. 

 * Silent Observers : Girls do observe things with a certain different perspective and use it later although they work as under cover agents for it. Jab tukke chal jayien inke to wo "sixth sense" kehlaati hai. 

 * There is nothing such as TINY in their dictionary. Every small thing matters to them as you never know what can please, hurt , surprise them. 

 * Although pleasing them is like hitting a rare lucky LOTTERY. HOPE I DID IT !! 

*to be continued ...

                                                   by- Geetesh Makkar

R.I.P , Mrinank Punj !

yester night was the coldest night of my life .  I have not lost my innocence yet . My willingness to stay happy is still there in me .Still , I need friends around me to share my grieve and happiness. Still , I want to give them credits for My success and failure . But this bitch thing called life , has already started giving me unwelcome surprises . I don't have many friends . But those who are , they are close to my heart . They are the one who made my childhood , my young age and their words and actions are still engraved in my heart . They are integral part of my past and my present . Last night , I realised how I got  my feelings , my thoughts , my dreams . My life castle is built of tiny stones I borrowed from my friends  . Even  when a single stone is displaced , the castle seems shattering down . 
Still feeling numb . It feels , a lil space in my heart is being evacuated . Feelings and emotions are no more anchored  inside . And at the same time , some part of my brain is filled with with the time  we spent together . when we were still child , innocent . when we used to fight and celebrate your birthday . When we had no fear from our life and no fear of death .When we use to run in the middle of the field to win race and flaunt ourselves . We used to celebrate that win .  But  we never knew that one day you will run so fast  on this life track and will leave all of us behind you  . Do you think you won the race ? was it for flaunting yourself ? Do you think we can celebrate our loss this time ? My Friend that was play ground . And this is life . Here every loss is irreplaceable . I don't know whether you are kind enough to sympathise with us at our loss or strong enough to smile at us .

" saale , tera naam hi kaafi hua karta tha , hamare chehre par khusi lane ke liye . lekin . wahi naam aaj hamare liye gam ke badal le aaya hai . Aisi bhi kya jalan thi tujhe hamare khushi se jo humme rulane ke liye jindagi chhod kar chal diya ! "

You may have left us , but you can not take away those 5 years of our childhood  from us that we spent together . Miss you bro . REST IN PEACE !  

Girls : a research still on

      Well, girls are :

 * The only Creatures who can be the CULPRIT as well as the one who would cry and turn the game to the innocent being .

* The  one's who have debative minds : always the one  to debate with her mind to answer something very simple even. I              wonder : do they apply trigonometric formulae before coming to a decision ?

* The  species who have talent to be self-centered and later say to be too much worried and exhausted. But can't bear if some      one drops attention earlier being given to them.  

* As pickle is to aunties for appetite , chocolates are to girls for survival. They can invest their whole pocket money for their first       love. 

* Can be as sensible as a mother or can be as dumb as a girlfriend. This variation is just like : - infinity to + infinty .

 * Some act as the worlds the busiest coolie who bears the every problem on his head always. They apparently worry for people      not so closely related to them even. Emo sumos !! 

* Are the  most decent figures in public but the most absurd/weirdly funny persons in their group . 

* Only girls can expect a reply and that too quick ;) and even when they themselves reply LOL for  a long text .

 * Last but  not the least: Kisi ko banda yahi banati hain. "Most of the men learn to live after a girl leaves them or enters their           life" .

तुम भी खरीदो साहब मैं आज़ादी बेचता हूँ |

आज़ादी मिली है पर आज़ाद हम हुये नहीं
आबादी हुयी है पर आबाद हम हुये नहीं

मासूम बेचते हैं झंडे ये आजादी के
देखते हैं सपने कुछ देर आबादी के

शीशे के उस तरफ की दुनिया इक नयी है
पर वक़्त है बहुत कम परेशानियाँ कई हैं

ये सोचकर के उसको आगे ही बढ़ जाना है
कुछ पैसे हों जेब मे तब ही तो घर जाना है

तुम भी खरीदो साहब मैं आज़ादी बेचता हूँ
कुछ तो रहम करो आज खाने की सोचता हूँ

चेहरे बदल गए हैं पर कुर्सियाँ वही हैं
दम तोड़ते इंसा की मजबूरियां वही हैं

भूख गरीबी महगाई मुह खोल कर खड़ी हैं
आतंक का है साया डर-भय हर घड़ी हैं

खैर फिर नए वादो की बौछार की जाएगी
जनता को फुलझड़ी की चमक दिख जाएगी

नेताओ नौकरशाहों का भी दोष कुछ नहीं है
जनता खुशी से लुट रही है और रोष भी नहीं है

ना देखना है ना सुनना है ना बोलना कुछ बुरा है
बस करते ही जाना है गांधी का मशविरा है

भगत सिंह के किस्से कुछ स्कूलों तक रहे हैं
आजाद सुभाष अब वक़्त की सिलवटों मे गुम रहे हैं 

हम दबे हुये हैं शायद नेहरू गांधी के कथित अहसानों से 
कैसे कोई शुरू करे फिर वीरों के अफसानो से

भूल गए हैं हम शहीदों के जीवन भर के अहसानों को
कुछ पल फिर भी याद करो उन वीरों के बलिदानो को

खैर सब छोड़ो अब “जय हिन्द” बोलते हैं
बांटो मिठाई मनाओ खुशियाँ एसा ही सब बोलते हैं

अभी खुशी मनाकर निवृत मैं हो गया हूँ
और अगली साल तक निश्चिंत हो गया हूँ

जय हिन्द
जय भारत |

Girls : A research still going

 * Born inspectors : They would  ask something  they already know with deep expressions                                                          ( acha!! , why ?????, kyu, kya?? Aww sachi?? )  to check on the others opinion.

 * They would dare to ask why for a thing but can't bear the  load of explanation whatever the way it is. 

* So strong yet so weak emotionally: They hide their true feelings socially but wish the  opposite. If they resist                           crying in front of someone they can cry for hours for a  petty incident . I wonder from where does the  water come? 

 * They ask for  suggestions / comments honestly but wish to accept only compliments. A slight                                                change / disagreement seems rude to them. 

 * No matter how old they grow, they have a soft candy heart which is tormented or inflated by petty negative or                       positive  incidents. As bible says : be careful, don't  let a girl cry as God counts her tears .

 * They can hide what they feel and  can disguise people well. I salute them for it. 

 * Mostly, They don't need to act dumb. Just a few questions are enough for this . 

 * I salute the  fact how they avoid over eating of even mouth-watering food stuffs except gol -gappas. Thats                            what we call DIETING. 

* They possess gestures, tears n expressions which never fail to convince anyone. Undoubtedly, they are                                  evergreen topic of exploration and research in itself. 

                                                              bY - Geetesh Makkar 


For all the girs to read it once , if they have the time and patience to bring a smile and at times weird expressions on their face. And for guys who can read and recall something they might have had experienced with someone .

* Love to laugh On their own jokes even when they are not worth to burst out laughing and you have to join in too oftenly .

 * Cuteness is their best weapon to avoid scoldings and avoid an argument with someone .

 *Can easily embarass you in public , better beware or extra smart in dealing with them .

 *Get the talent training to become one of the three W's ( Wealth , Woman and Wine = 3 W's ) ; which constitute the             weakness of a man , they can let you do things which you actually never imagine to do .

 * Have a special habit of stressing on adjactives anywhere which make them more convincing than anyone else. like -                 really really really nice , so so so bad , awww that's simply amazing . fantastic , etc.

 *Their favourite expressional words : AWWWW , HAWWW , HMMM , HUH , AWWIE , SOWIE , etc.

 *Are as indirect as an exam but as sweet when you get in your favour as a result if you had studied hard on their mind.

 *Are so special for the fact they give birth and let the world grow . They are the evolution. *Personally, whats best is they          can cook , not all though.
                                                               " khanna saukkha , banauna aukkha "

 * Can never talk straight , in fact they can give big hints but shy enough to keep their urge in heart only .

 * They would shop anywhere , anyhow and anything not in free time but in busy time also by discussing it .

* They love self clicking anywhere even in washroom , just need their cell and a tilted sweet face for it.

*  Whatever , however , they are half the world around us and are definitely required and loved by all .

    as far as , I know

पराये देश की लड़की !

किसे पता था ,
जीतेगी ये दिल ,
पराये देश की लड़की |
अपनी सुलझी बातो में ,
उलझाये मेरा दिल ,
पराये देश की लड़की |
दिल की मादकता से  ,
महकाए मेरा दिल ,
पराये देश की लड़की |

बातो ही बातो में कहे ,
कि , तुम से प्यार करती हूँ |
फिर , मुस्काये , इठलाये और शर्माए |
ओये, पागल तू और पागल तेरा दिल .
पराये देश की लड़की !

कभी चहकती , कभी खनकती
कभी तू छेड़े , मीठे तान |
रंगा आज तेरे ही रंग में ; पागल मेरा दिल ,
पराये देश की लड़की !

जिस पल भी मै देखू तुझे ,
मेरी धड़कन बढ़ जाती है |
ठंडी ठंडी साँसे ले फिर; गाये मेरा दिल ,
पराये देश की लड़की !

पनघट पर पन्हारण बन ,
जब गगरी भरने आये
रास्ता रोके गाँव के छोरे ,
कह कर हाय , हाय |
तेरी भीगी यौवन पर ; फिसला सार दिल ,
पराये देश की लड़की !

इन्तजार उस घडी कि है ,
जब तू संग मेरे होगी ,
प्रेम - प्रसंग होगा अपना ,
और मधुर पवन  चलती होगी |
सोच सोच कर बात ये सारी; व्याकुल मेरा दिल ,
पराये देश की लड़की !


      "The wait is over."

      I've been in three other serious relationships before I finally got it right and I can honestly say that I've never had fights with my past relationships the way I fight with him. I guess it is because I didn't care as much, all the little things didn't matter to me and I was never too invested in them the way my feelings are for him . I love him, and I've never been in love like this before. And along with that comes a great test in patience and effort. We get into disagreements but it's all a part of having a real and normal relationship. You need to work through all the tough times to get to the good times. That's the difference between my past and my present. I'm fighting for this relationship no matter what happens and everything I feel is so crazy and stupendous at the same time. But that's how I know that I'm really in love and this is the real deal. No matter how many fights we get into, no matter how many times we almost push each other over the edge, I couldn't be happier and I can't picture myself with anyone else but him. We both mess up a lot, but I still feel like we're perfect for each other regardless. Even if it means a hundred more fights, we're in it for the long run.
     You are the first man to ever get to see this new side of me, I can actually be loving and effectuating around you, and most importantly be myself around you, without you judging me. And how we could always look silly and do funny things around other people without them ever understanding us. It's like we have our very own language that we speak with one another (which is cute). You are the reason why I wake up every morning smiling like an idiot, and get excited to see what this new day will bring us. You bring out this soft side of me that no one can ever see besides you, It's something about that smile of yours or could it be the way you hug me, touch me or kiss me that makes me weak. And I love how you're always willing to do things for me that I've never done before. I am really grateful for you doing that for me and it seems like its been a long journey so far for us but I know that its just the beginning, and that we still have a very long way to go still, because I am confident that what ever comes our way; I'll be here to protect you and I'm never willing to ever let you go, and that I'll always be by your side through the worst and best times that lies ahead of us.
      Nothing's ever gonna get in the way of what we have. I know we can make it work. As long as you don’t give up on what we have, everything’s going to be alright. I love you so much. I've never had anyone like you. You make me feel so wanted. I’m so blessed to have someone like you. You’re more than my everything. I hope you know that I’m going to be with you for a very very long time. Thanks for everything :)


Letting Go and Moving On

I think letting go and moving on with life , like actually live and enjoy what i have , was the smartest decision  I ever made. Even though I loved someone so much , I just could n't deal with the pain anymore. I learned how to be good to myself , be kind and stop beating myself up with the past and all those " memories" . No doubt the time we spent together were the best times of my life. And no matter how much i wanted to keep someone in my arms , in my life , I couldn't. There's no way I could hold onto something that is so determined , desperate to leave , and just walk out on me completely . Even if I still care , it's not a need anymore. I 'm glad I've let go .
Moving on, letting go , doesn't really mean you are giving up . It just means that you have come to a realization where you are now prioritizing yourself , that you know to yourself that you have done your part well , and it is about time for you to be happy.
You don't need to be angry at the person , you don't need to understand everything , I guess in my experience it is just plain acceptance . Once you have decided in your mind and in your heart to do so , endless possibilities would come. You would even realize and appreciate more the things and the people around you . Even more to be free from caging in. You can even like new people without the guilt of doing so.
You are not doing it for revenge , hence , DO IT FOR YOUR SELF . Knowing your worth and your self importance would mean a lot. It may be hard at first but aas the waves would go , time would pass , new paradise awaits .
In my end , I am open at anything , and I am certain on the things I do and the things I say and the things I decided to do so .
I may say that I am not weak , for withstanding the obstacles I have been through. Every single individual has a different way and pace on how they handle things. The important part is to know how to stand up from where you have fallen down .

जिजीविषा - सुखमय जीवन

दिल दरिया , तूफ़ान हो मन तो,
होता मै जल सिंध अगर तो,
क्या ये जीवन सुखमय होता ?

 नदी किनारे जलज पटल से  ,
विपिन वृन्द पर पुष्प हो जैसे ,
वैसे जीवन की इक्षा है ,
ये मेरी जिजीविषा है |

 पद्य पढ़ पढ़ बना कवी मै ,
सिखा जग संसार सकल से ,
किन्तु टूटे दिल से ही ,
आयी ये लिलिविसा है |

था मै एक  गो मूक प्राणी ,
सुधि न थी मुझे  किसी रतन की ,
न जन की न परिजन की  |

 होता जो मै  अग्रदृष्टि  ,
कभी न करता ऐसा अनर्थ ,
करता मै भी आदर सृष्टि की,
रचनाओ का सुन्दरता का |

 पर जो वक़्त न रहा तनिक भी ,
करना विषाद उचित नहीं  मन ,
जो बीत गयी सो बात गयी |

 जीवन एक बहती   धारा,
सुख दुःख का ही है  खेल ये  सारा |
कर जघन्य अपराध अगर भी ,
सिख लिया दो प्यारे शब्द ,
हे  मन ,
 उस में दोष नहीं कुछ  |
 अब जीवन न व्यर्थ गवाना है ,
मनु होने का मूल्य चुकाना है |

 सागार जैसे  मेघो को प्राण  है देता ,
वैसे ही किसी महादान का  ,
निश्चय  ले ,आज मै बैठा |

 जब तक न पूरा हो  मेरा ये व्रत ,
हे दयानिधि , देते रहना जीवन अमृत |

 सच ,जीवन जो सुखी बनाना है ,
केवल मैत्री धर्म अपनाना है |

दिल उदार मन-द्वेग  नियंत्रण ,
ये  उद्भव पौरुष गुण है ,
दया धर्म तप त्याग  शक्ति से ,
उदघ्रित करो इसे , हे मन |

दिल दरिया , मन तूफ़ान जो होता,
होता जो जल सिंध अगर तन,
सुखमय होता मेरा जीवन || 

With The Love Of Our Mother

When we are caught in the darkness
Touch by the hand of loneliness
We should avoid being hopeless
Because someone will fill our loneliness.

A caring touch that is felt by anyone
An everlasting love that no one will overcome
Even everything around us is already gone
She will stay and shine our life like a sun.

In everytime that we are embraced by fears
There's a helping hand that will wipe our tears
The comfort will last through the years
The sweet words will stay in our ears.

With love we are always growing
With joy it seems that we are flying
With given strength each day we are shining
And with kiss we almost have everything.

A person consider as our lover
A person that wil make our life brighter
We should be thankful and always remember
That we are glowing with the love of our mother.