Girls : An observative research (iv)

Well there is no end to the 'Girly Traits' like there's no end to Sky. Few more are enlisted below : -

*Excited species : They are ever excited to know about someone something by hook or crook. Even though they hide interest in it commonly. Reflects impatience and anxiousness !! 

 * Suspense queens : They love to create a lot of hype and suspense while they are talking . May be to acquire attention and interest from d listener(s). But hate the situation when same is done with them. 

 * Outcome Of Suspenses: Teasing girls on a surprise or starting a talk then suddenly ending it without opening the suspense gives people immense pleasure specially when they are able to irritate them and get weird expressions. 

 * Time Pass : playing with their hair is their favourite time pass mostly. Although its 'Almost war' if some one else does it !

* Academic Results : the way they describe their exam appearence is so scary that they will fail everywhere but when results are out they are reasonably joyful to check them and actually act shockd "haawww ye kaise ho gya?? 90% aa gye, hain to kamm hi waise" ;) as if the examiner checked their papers after getting a bribe or their appearances were marked :D

* A big salute for the fact how some of them handle cheap flirters with courage and cleverness which is although rare in other events. 

 * Silent Observers : Girls do observe things with a certain different perspective and use it later although they work as under cover agents for it. Jab tukke chal jayien inke to wo "sixth sense" kehlaati hai. 

 * There is nothing such as TINY in their dictionary. Every small thing matters to them as you never know what can please, hurt , surprise them. 

 * Although pleasing them is like hitting a rare lucky LOTTERY. HOPE I DID IT !! 

*to be continued ...

                                                   by- Geetesh Makkar