R.I.P , Mrinank Punj !

yester night was the coldest night of my life .  I have not lost my innocence yet . My willingness to stay happy is still there in me .Still , I need friends around me to share my grieve and happiness. Still , I want to give them credits for My success and failure . But this bitch thing called life , has already started giving me unwelcome surprises . I don't have many friends . But those who are , they are close to my heart . They are the one who made my childhood , my young age and their words and actions are still engraved in my heart . They are integral part of my past and my present . Last night , I realised how I got  my feelings , my thoughts , my dreams . My life castle is built of tiny stones I borrowed from my friends  . Even  when a single stone is displaced , the castle seems shattering down . 
Still feeling numb . It feels , a lil space in my heart is being evacuated . Feelings and emotions are no more anchored  inside . And at the same time , some part of my brain is filled with with the time  we spent together . when we were still child , innocent . when we used to fight and celebrate your birthday . When we had no fear from our life and no fear of death .When we use to run in the middle of the field to win race and flaunt ourselves . We used to celebrate that win .  But  we never knew that one day you will run so fast  on this life track and will leave all of us behind you  . Do you think you won the race ? was it for flaunting yourself ? Do you think we can celebrate our loss this time ? My Friend that was play ground . And this is life . Here every loss is irreplaceable . I don't know whether you are kind enough to sympathise with us at our loss or strong enough to smile at us .

" saale , tera naam hi kaafi hua karta tha , hamare chehre par khusi lane ke liye . lekin . wahi naam aaj hamare liye gam ke badal le aaya hai . Aisi bhi kya jalan thi tujhe hamare khushi se jo humme rulane ke liye jindagi chhod kar chal diya ! "

You may have left us , but you can not take away those 5 years of our childhood  from us that we spent together . Miss you bro . REST IN PEACE !