Girls : A research still going

 * Born inspectors : They would  ask something  they already know with deep expressions                                                          ( acha!! , why ?????, kyu, kya?? Aww sachi?? )  to check on the others opinion.

 * They would dare to ask why for a thing but can't bear the  load of explanation whatever the way it is. 

* So strong yet so weak emotionally: They hide their true feelings socially but wish the  opposite. If they resist                           crying in front of someone they can cry for hours for a  petty incident . I wonder from where does the  water come? 

 * They ask for  suggestions / comments honestly but wish to accept only compliments. A slight                                                change / disagreement seems rude to them. 

 * No matter how old they grow, they have a soft candy heart which is tormented or inflated by petty negative or                       positive  incidents. As bible says : be careful, don't  let a girl cry as God counts her tears .

 * They can hide what they feel and  can disguise people well. I salute them for it. 

 * Mostly, They don't need to act dumb. Just a few questions are enough for this . 

 * I salute the  fact how they avoid over eating of even mouth-watering food stuffs except gol -gappas. Thats                            what we call DIETING. 

* They possess gestures, tears n expressions which never fail to convince anyone. Undoubtedly, they are                                  evergreen topic of exploration and research in itself. 

                                                              bY - Geetesh Makkar