For all the girs to read it once , if they have the time and patience to bring a smile and at times weird expressions on their face. And for guys who can read and recall something they might have had experienced with someone .

* Love to laugh On their own jokes even when they are not worth to burst out laughing and you have to join in too oftenly .

 * Cuteness is their best weapon to avoid scoldings and avoid an argument with someone .

 *Can easily embarass you in public , better beware or extra smart in dealing with them .

 *Get the talent training to become one of the three W's ( Wealth , Woman and Wine = 3 W's ) ; which constitute the             weakness of a man , they can let you do things which you actually never imagine to do .

 * Have a special habit of stressing on adjactives anywhere which make them more convincing than anyone else. like -                 really really really nice , so so so bad , awww that's simply amazing . fantastic , etc.

 *Their favourite expressional words : AWWWW , HAWWW , HMMM , HUH , AWWIE , SOWIE , etc.

 *Are as indirect as an exam but as sweet when you get in your favour as a result if you had studied hard on their mind.

 *Are so special for the fact they give birth and let the world grow . They are the evolution. *Personally, whats best is they          can cook , not all though.
                                                               " khanna saukkha , banauna aukkha "

 * Can never talk straight , in fact they can give big hints but shy enough to keep their urge in heart only .

 * They would shop anywhere , anyhow and anything not in free time but in busy time also by discussing it .

* They love self clicking anywhere even in washroom , just need their cell and a tilted sweet face for it.

*  Whatever , however , they are half the world around us and are definitely required and loved by all .

    as far as , I know