Girls : a research still on

      Well, girls are :

 * The only Creatures who can be the CULPRIT as well as the one who would cry and turn the game to the innocent being .

* The  one's who have debative minds : always the one  to debate with her mind to answer something very simple even. I              wonder : do they apply trigonometric formulae before coming to a decision ?

* The  species who have talent to be self-centered and later say to be too much worried and exhausted. But can't bear if some      one drops attention earlier being given to them.  

* As pickle is to aunties for appetite , chocolates are to girls for survival. They can invest their whole pocket money for their first       love. 

* Can be as sensible as a mother or can be as dumb as a girlfriend. This variation is just like : - infinity to + infinty .

 * Some act as the worlds the busiest coolie who bears the every problem on his head always. They apparently worry for people      not so closely related to them even. Emo sumos !! 

* Are the  most decent figures in public but the most absurd/weirdly funny persons in their group . 

* Only girls can expect a reply and that too quick ;) and even when they themselves reply LOL for  a long text .

 * Last but  not the least: Kisi ko banda yahi banati hain. "Most of the men learn to live after a girl leaves them or enters their           life" .