Girls - 6 ^_^

The next step to the series but this time without much introduction...! Although i am writing on girls and its not their signature traits. Read and get a chance to giggle, wink, blush and at times get annoyed (girls obviously!)
* Starters and Statuatory Warnings : They are the masters of starting a conversation with "Oye tujhe pata hai? Or ek baat btauu?" and end it with "Ye baat maine sirf TUMHE hi btayi hai, please please please kisi ko mat batana"
* Awwww is nothing but the extended and girly version of Ohhhh!!
Awwww so cute...
-There was nothing such as Awww before
* They skip meals so oftenly that forces me to think that
Do they live on Food or Feelings ??
Coz whenever they r asked about a meal the answer is out of "Mann nahi hai, bhookh ni hai, mood ni tha etc n so on "
* Their favourite slang is **** ***
now they better understand that
* Jealousy is intrinsic n latent in them although its strongly present in them , just needs an activation #Beware Praise but absolutely not relatively otherwise its waste..!
* They repeat their statement without fail when they are not noticed or paid attention by the listener with a thought in mind
"How dare u ignore.. Or desperately.. Kamino koi to sunlo "
* They are rarely short of expressions but when there is a drought of expressions it suggests emotional unstability or may be the pressure of anger building deep inside .
* Their BRAIN omg!
No Brain sorry its not brain actually the brain structure is like a maze in which once a thought enters it too hard to find d way n come to a decision..
Teri aankhien bhool bhulaiyyan , baatien hain bhool bhulayyian
* A feeble line separates their entertainment n boredom activities. They are either happily entertained or badly bored : no half way state exists
Most of them fail on how to utilize their free time n fall bored
* Twirling their hair and adjusting their top repeatedly are the most common public gestures made by them irrespective of the time,space n season:p
*to be continued*