I Miss You !

by - Geetesh Makkar

The moments we spent together, 

I wonder if they really matter? 
When the situation is worse instead of being better, 
Where all we now have is work's clutter, 
All i can utter : 
The times have changed now, 
And so are you but i don't know how? 
I Miss You 
In fact The Old "U" 

The frolic, the giggles, the sobs n the affection, 
Which once approached perfection, 
Is now mere a distorted emotion collection, 
I wonder who took the wrong action, 
With whose help or suggestion? 
Though , I Miss You 
Infact The Old "U" 

Time veered us apart in a fashion, 
I can't even complain anyone for this loss of compassion, 
I cannot control this expression, 
Under whose impression 
I say :  I Miss You 

Infact The Old "U"