The Idea of Ultimate Peace !

By - Naveen Solanki

"No one to heal
 No one to deal
 No one to care
 No one to share"

"The pleasure of being alone
 Time to hear every pin on stone"

 Uninterrupted natural music
Echo of sound how’s the magic

 The curves of tides
Always towards sides

Flow of water stealing my heart
But will never stop to talk and distort

A stone dropped in water itself
Who cares not about myself

Few drops then jumped in air
Celebrating that stone came there


“Equilibrium has to be attained
The life has to be maintained.
Desires should be flexible to amend
Because somewhere there is an end”

This moment if it's enjoyment
Next moment it will be discontentment

In whole life full of dealings
Only few hidden things, designed as feelings

The indefinite wings of desire
Not easy every time to acquire

I just took rebirth and started dealings
Have lost many things but no hard feelings

Dealing with my own desires
To whom everyone admires

Don’t you think these all are fake
Stop it now for God's sake...

You better know how it felt
Before eating it your ice-cream melt

Enquire, enquire; enquire your dreams
Then try to put them in different frames

“Do we really belong here?
The world full of words sharp as spear
Betrayal, jealously, infidelity everywhere
Unstoppable race here and there”

 The next moment how it will be
As unsolved riddle without any key

Original face, behind golden mask
And our eyes not daring to ask

Oh! such a betrayal you faced
I have no rights but I just said

 I too have a same story
But you know experience is our glory.

Hey! Every time I started from this point
But my empty hands are what my destiny appoints
Got but lost everything by reaching here
But after journey of miles I have become sincere
If we had nothing then why to be sad
But sadness after joy will kill you as mad.

"If the tears are the things in our final reach
How’s my idea of ultimate peace!!!

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