The passing year

By :- My most loving Friend , Ishuwan Mehta . " HAPPY NEW YEAR " With snowy sheath of december's bed, I am lying over still but still not dead, Dusk is arriving shouting with silent fear, Waving with eyes I am 'The passing year'. Travelling with months weeks and days, I made my roads glowing all the ways, From harsh sorrow to cheering smiles, I walked over counting miles and miles. Cycle of birth and death always flowed, Times it raced and the times it slowed, I was there inspecting the time's deed, Now with greetings I would be freed. People dance with the arrival of new, Caring for dreams which they had sew, My welcome has gone now its my last, Burning calmly am becoming ash of past. With my maytr beginning will sprout, Smiles will dance again joy will shout, Chorus of blast will make me disappear, Waving with eyes I am 'The passing year'.