A step ahead on girls ;)

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Moving on with girls and  their basic instincts , here are few more : 

*Natural inclination : A girl's pic. is always inclined at a small angle with the horizontal. Oops i got technical or in simple punjabi its     called "dhaunn beengi" a simple pic. is as rare as a hit film by Ram Gopal Verma. 

*Attitude : They do possess a general attitude of i-want-to-share-my-problem-with-u but i just want you to calmly,attentively as   a student listen to me. Although they expect you to solve them but would behave as they just want to you listen there heart     out. 

*Late lateef : Even when they know there is  a problem, still they are Always late to  start a conversation. 

*Tone: They have inborn instinct of saying something in MOTHERLY  TONE especially when they are tensed and that too in           vain ;) 

*Trust winning : You take a long time to win their confidence as Jodha-akbar among films is known for its length. Its as hard to     understand it too;) 

* Cuteness : May be have excess of cuteness hidden in them that anything and everything silly,unusual appears cute to them. I    don't know how they classify it :D 

* Friends : They like their friends so much that their favourite dialogue is : i like you as a friend. Seriously they are affable :D 

*Likings : They love compliments, babies, flowers and to be treated like celebrities. One does not do so has no chance :D 

* They have their own ways and personality and its getting lengthy now. I should end or impatient people reading it will be              bored:p 

                                                             by- Geetesh Makkar