Letting Go and Moving On

I think letting go and moving on with life , like actually live and enjoy what i have , was the smartest decision  I ever made. Even though I loved someone so much , I just could n't deal with the pain anymore. I learned how to be good to myself , be kind and stop beating myself up with the past and all those " memories" . No doubt the time we spent together were the best times of my life. And no matter how much i wanted to keep someone in my arms , in my life , I couldn't. There's no way I could hold onto something that is so determined , desperate to leave , and just walk out on me completely . Even if I still care , it's not a need anymore. I 'm glad I've let go .
Moving on, letting go , doesn't really mean you are giving up . It just means that you have come to a realization where you are now prioritizing yourself , that you know to yourself that you have done your part well , and it is about time for you to be happy.
You don't need to be angry at the person , you don't need to understand everything , I guess in my experience it is just plain acceptance . Once you have decided in your mind and in your heart to do so , endless possibilities would come. You would even realize and appreciate more the things and the people around you . Even more to be free from caging in. You can even like new people without the guilt of doing so.
You are not doing it for revenge , hence , DO IT FOR YOUR SELF . Knowing your worth and your self importance would mean a lot. It may be hard at first but aas the waves would go , time would pass , new paradise awaits .
In my end , I am open at anything , and I am certain on the things I do and the things I say and the things I decided to do so .
I may say that I am not weak , for withstanding the obstacles I have been through. Every single individual has a different way and pace on how they handle things. The important part is to know how to stand up from where you have fallen down .