I believe true love comes once in a lifetime.

By- Fatima <Frowning Frog >

I believe true love comes once in a lifetime. 

All of those other times you love someone, it isn't that real, soul-mate bond that will happen for you someday. Because that true love will last forever, not just for a certain period of time.

I believe in a loving God.

Sometimes He has to give us things that we don't think we can survive through, or things that are hard for us. But He will not give us something we cannot handle, and if we trust in Him, then we will come out the other side stronger and better for it. God will only put something or someone in our life for us to learn from, and it will be there just long enough for us to catch on.

I believe that it doesn't matter where you have been, it matters where you are going.

I don't think that anyone has a right to judge you for your past simply because it is your past. I believe that what matters about a person is not what choices or mistakes they have made before, it is what they are doing since then, and what they continue to do in the future that makes the person. Your past may define part of who you are, but it is your actions and your choices going forward that make the difference in the end.

I believe that no one in this world should feel completely alone.

Because you aren't. There are people out there who you may not have met yet, but who would still be there for you. There is someone out there who would do anything to show you that they could be there for you. Who would give their right arm just to make you happy, who would love to be a part of your life, if they only weren't so scared of screwing up whatever they do have with you.

I believe that the night is darkest just before the dawn.

That the hardest time of your life will be followed by something beautiful, by something amazing. That those moments when you feel like our entire world is caving in is preparing you for the true beauty in what is coming your way. Without true pain and suffering, you could never truly appreciate happiness; without seeing the ugliness that the world has to offer, you couldn't appreciate the beauty; without the contrast, you would never learn how to appreciate the contradiction that is a human life.

I believe that reading a book is worth more than watching a movie.

A book stretches your imagination. It gives you a chance to think without true limits. The thing that writers do (at least, the good ones) is that they leave some things rather hazy in their descriptions, so that you can let your imagination run wild. I love being able to create a whole new world inside of my head, and when I describe it, I imagine a reader coming to that scene, and imagine how their imagination just explodes with images, ones that I have put there and ones they have themselves. I love it.

I believe that some of the best quotes of all time never get repeated because they are said between friends.

Because sometimes you don't want people to know what is going on in your life, so you refuse to say that quote, even when you think its amazing, even if you are the only person who would really get what it means. Because its personal. And thats what makes it one of the best quotes of all time.

And I believe that every person out there deserves to be who they truly are.

Because no one should be judged for just a piece of themselves. You are more than your pieces. You are everything. And no one should make you feel ashamed of the person you truly are, because it is who you are. And if people around you who are a part of your life mind then perhaps they don't belong there.

So, yes. This is what I believe